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About our team:

  • We enjoy cooking and the quality of our food
  • We do not enjoy spending huge amounts of time on prep and clean-up
  • Healthy cooking and fresh ingredients are highly important to us
  • If there is a kitchen hack that actually works we want to know about it
  • We love testing new methods and appliances to discover efficient ways to produce delicious meals
  • We care about modern design and beautiful uncluttered kitchens


We have a simple vision:

  • To help cooks use their time and budget efficiently
  • To help busy people make healthy delicious meals
  • To provide information and product reviews that simplify and enhance your life
  • To share the most useful, time-saving, minimum cleanup, hassle-free methods and products


Our Reviews:

Kitchen Hacker is dedicated to providing in depth product research on truly valuable items.  The reviews on this website are provided by our team of experienced writers who love cooking and research.  We hope our readers can use our website as a reference for learning new tricks and making purchase decisions.


When you purchase an item having read one of our reviews, we earn a small commission that supports our work.  There is no additional cost for you and we hope to save you money by sharing discounts or pointing out the best value products.


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